Mars Mariana
Project comparing the development of a proper environment for terrestrial life on Mars linked to the regenerating the devastated city of Mariana.
Photo: Mariana scenery, 2016.


Interactive floating kinetic sculpture. Bio-mechanical system to pump and purify water by an hydraulic system.
Photo: Waterbike in action, Brazil 2016.


Microscope Light Machine
Microscope-live-cinema installation using optics techniques, biodiversity of microorganisms in a water droplet beamed by a laser.
Photo: Microscope Light Machine, Japan 2017.


Jurema Action Plant
Jurema Action Plant is an interactive bio-machine, a customized machine which interfaces a sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica).
Photo: Exhibition Taming Technology, Florence (IT) 2011.


Caravel 2016 ~
Caravel is an autonomous bio-machine which uses bacteria metabolism to purify the water and simultaneously powers itself.
Photo: Exhibition Digital Art Festival Taipei, Taiwan (2016).


Groentopia, Verbeke Foundation, Westakker, BE | Robotanica, Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, NL