The research group Hybrid Forms of Nature and Technology – HFNT – is an interdisciplinary laboratory focusing on organisms living systems and robotics. Hybrid Forms of Nature and Technology offers a survey focused on the local environment, mobility, sustainability, renewable energy and developing prototypes for communication design / art, tools and interfaces that are engaged with the natural environment. One of the goals is to unify the curriculum of participants and create a platform for research and development across disciplines.


Energy is vital for all living organisms – and machines. The next upcoming event from HFNT is the Symbiotic Machine –  an autonomous bio-machine, which seeks and harvest energy from photosynthetic organisms, applying this energy into movement to be able to collect photosynthetic organisms again. These microorganisms are present in natural environment and can be found in ponds, canals, rivers and sea, which are a potential use to feed the Symbiotic Machine.  This project is developed in collaboration with scientists from VU Amsterdam  Biosolar Cell consortium  – Raoul Frese and Vincent Friebe – , Michiel Overbeek and engineer Leydervan Xavier from CEFET/RJ. It will be exhibited at Amstelpark in Amsterdam from 2nd March until 27th April 2014, invitated by Zone2Source.


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Support from Stichting Doen




The group’s first project is EME>>‘s development, preparing the vehicle for future residencies, starting with Dutch artist Maureen Prins – SolarWorldCinema. Students will adapt the vehicle to receive solar panels that will feed the audio-visual system and alongside the artist they will make a selection of films that will be shown at Rio city.

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O grupo de pesquisa “Formas Híbridas entre Natureza e Tecnologia” é um laboratório transdisciplinar com foco em organismos, sistemas vivos e robótica. Vários artistas, cientistas e institutos de pesquisa desenvolvem projetos entre sistemas vivos combinados com tecnologia. O grupo de pesquisa “Formas Híbridas entre Natureza e Tecnologia” propõe uma pesquisa focada no meio ambiente local, mobilidade, sustentabilidade, energias renováveis e comunicação desenvolvendo protótipos de design/arte, ferramentas e interfaces que sejam coerentes com o meio ambiente natural. Um dos objetivos é unificar a grade curricular dos participantes e criar uma plataforma de pesquisa e desenvolvimento entre as disciplinas.


O primeiro projeto que o grupo está desenvolvendo é o EME>>, preparando o veículo para a próxima residência SolarWorldCinema, com a artista Holandesa Maureen Prins. Os alunos estão adaptando o veículo para receber painéis solares que alimentarão o sistema audio-visual para projeção e criando junto a artista uma seleção de filmes que serão projetados pela cidade do Rio.

Quando: de 19 de Novembro a 02 de Dezembro 2012

Onde: Rio de Janeiro

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