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e-SEED – Ivan Henriques


2018 / Interspecies Communication



The e-SEED is a seed that uses electrical energy to stimulate its growth. The electrical energy is provided by synthetic photosynthesis. The e-SEED is a tiny timelapse in the photosynthesis evolution: from the robust first blue-green bacteria that created the early oxygenic atmosphere on Earth to a complex high plant in the form of a seed. Encapsulated into a bio-solar cell boosting its development, the seed brings hope on lifeless grounds.

Images from top to bottom: explanatory graph; exhibition Moon Gallery – European Space Agency, Space Expo, Noordwijk NL; solo exhibition Atmospheric Trilogy – Symbiotic Machines for Space Exploration, Bozar, Brussels BE.

e-SEED was developed in collaboration with scientists Vincent Friebe, Sandrine D’Haene and Raoul Frese from the Biophysics department – VU Amsterdam. , intership student Emiel Gilijamse.