Microscope Light Machine

2017 / Interspecies Communication

Microscope Light Machine

Millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our well being and also for life in the natural environment. However they exist in such a mode of being that not only many of their behaviour escape human perception, but their presence all together. Using optics techniques, a droplet of water becomes a lens magnifying the biodiversity of microorganisms from an specific location. When the water droplet is beamed by a laser, It creates a microscope-live-cinema installation. The same magnification from the microorganisms creates a holographic image in the transparent trapezoid.

These microorganisms can inform us about the condition of environment by looking at them and identifying these living entities. Through this investigation is possible to understand the data and convey it to the wider audience so that the viewer can read the “message”, interpret it and respond to that; so that a viewer can engage in those living organisms in more tangible, palpable ways and thus develop more intimate and emotional relationships with them.

This work is a step further in the project Microscopic Chamber#1 that explores the huge biodiversity of microorganisms which lives in water as phytoplankton, copepods, diatoms, algae, amongst many other lifeforms fundamentally important for human life.

Details of the installation Microscope Light Machine, Tokyo, 2017.

The installation Microscope Light Machine was exhibited at the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo from 7-9 of March 2017, and was developed during the Project to Support the Nurturing of Media Art Creators from CG-ARTS.